November 2017
For the second year in a row the Interni team awards the best professionals in the field of architecture and design. Awards ceremony INTERNI DESIGN AWARDS 2017 was held in the Duran Bar.
The host of the ceremony, the editor-in-chief of the magazine OK! opened the evening with a welcoming speech and told about the achievements of the award.

"The award was founded by the team of the INTERNI magazine in 2016 with the aim of finding and encouraging bright names and projects in Russian architecture and design. Af-ter only 2 years, the statuette of INTERNI DESIGN AWARDS, developed by glassmakers from the famous Czech company LASVIT, has become a kind of "Oscar" in the architectural and design environment, "said the leader of the INTERNI DESIGN AWARDS award, Vadim Vernik.

Here the names of the best named in 7 professional categories. The prize was awarded to Ellen and Michael Miroshkin, Geometrix Design bureau, who created the project "Atlant straightened up" using LG Signature products.
Maria Roslyakova won in the nomination "The Best Modernization Project for Historic Buildings". In her project she managed to recreate the interiors of the complex of man-sions "House of Bykov", built in Moscow in the early 20th century.
One of the most difficult this year was the nomination "Interior design in the style of Lux-ury." In the nomination participated not less than 50 projects and in view of the high competition, as well as the specifics of the competition, the team INTERNI chose two winners at once. One of the winners was the project "Apartment in London" and design-ers Daria Listopad, Andrei Samonayev (AB Sretenka), Alexandra Semykina, Kirill Guberna-torov, Artem Ukropov (Megabudka). The second winner in this nomination was the pro-ject - "LCD Garden Quarters" and designers Dmitrieva Anastasia and Sycheva Anna (Match Architects, who presented the best 3D interior project in the style of Luxury.
In one of the most creative nominations - the nomination "Subject Design" the statuette went directly to two projects. For the best realized project in the Nomination - designer Igor Lobanov, who created a family of recessed luminaries called Dark Side, which has the image of space objects-planets. The winner of the nomination who presented the best 3D project for the contest was the designer Valeria Minkevich, the author of the original kitchen mixer.
The nomination "Design of the public interior" is one of the most ambitious and diverse in the types of participating projects. The nomination gathered at least 100 very interesting projects. The authors of the best realized project in the Nomination-designers Irina and Olga Sundukovy who created the project Remy Kichen Bakery project received their figu-rines. The winners in this nomination who presented the best 3D interior design for the contest were: Daria Slushaeva, Dina Dymnikova and Yana Samoshkino. Their trio created the interior design of REEFSPA, a spa complex for residents of the new residence in Sochi.

The nomination "Design of a private interior" finished the awarding ceremony. Tradition-ally it is the most popular contest among the participants of the award. The partner of this prestigious and highly competitive contest was the Altagamma Design Gallery (Alt-agamma) and the world-famous producer of modern furniture - the Italian brand B & B Italia (B & B Italy). It is thanks to them that the winners of the nomination will have the opportunity to go on a trip to a country that for a long time is behind the scenes of Mecca design.

The prize in this nomination was received by the author of the best realized project in the Nomination - designer Sergey Nasedkin, the author of the residential interior project named "W_G + BET ON". Also the winner of the nomination who presented the best 3D interior design for the competition was the author of the interior of the loft for work and rest - Ivan Mirolyubov from the design studio "Design Point".

The project was supported by the market leaders - the new premium brand LG Signature from LG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of bathroom design concepts - the Swiss brand Laufen, as well as the sanitaryware brand from Spain with a century-long his-tory of Roca, a Russian manufacturer of massive and engineering floors, wooden tiles and wall panels Finex, Italian manufacturer of luxury furniture Visionnaire, as well as a mod-ern brand of LED lighting