Meeting of "Gala Biographia" Club: evening dreams of Alphonse Mucha

April 2017

On April 13, 2017 Editor-in-chief of "Gala Biographia" magazine Sergei Kozitsky and general manager of the hotel InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Martin Zarybnitski held a new meeting of "Gala Biographia" Club , dedicated to the artist Alfons Mucha.

Meeting of "Gala Biographia" Club: evening dreams of Alphonse Mucha

The goal of "Gala Biographia" Club is to expand the boundaries of the "paper" magazine, acquaint friends of "Gala Biographia" with the new discoveries of the authors of the magazine. This time,to listen to the story of an art historian and journalist Armen Apresyan about the "phenomenon of the Mucha", about the amazing twists and turns of his fate, who inspired the famous artist and how his works were created, had came not only the regular readers of the "Gala Biographia" magazine, but also the winner of the contest , conducted by the magazine in conjunction with InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya. The favorite of the jury was awarded with a special prize - a certificate for breakfast for two persons at the hotel and an annual subscription to the magazine Gala Biographia.

As part of this competition, all readers of the magazine were given an opportunity to offer the original name for the photo taken by Alphonse Mucha in the early 1890s. "Even during his life in Vienna, the artist was carried away by photography, and he shot only for his own pleasure. Until now, came down quite frivolous photos of Paul Gauguin, "- commented editor-in-chief of "Gala Biographia" Sergei Kozitsky.

The invited guest, art historian and journalist Armen Apresyan noted: "Alphonse Mucha had a rare gift to turn everything he touched into a work of art - whether it be advertising posters, magazine covers, utensils or other household utensils. His paintings aroused admiration, he managed to create his own style, which is still imitated by artists all over the world, and the history of his life has become an ideal illustration of how much the case in the fate of man means. "

The partner of the event is Williams & Olivier, which provided special NOA drinkings.

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